Oatmeal zombie dating

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That will take me about 15 minutes if you include washing out the pot.

In the morning I could put a dollop into a bowl and reheat it for a couple of minutes.

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My muffin tin has 12 cups and each one holds 1/3 cup, so I estimated I’d need 4 servings of oatmeal.My son forgot to get instant oatmeal at the store yesterday, but I have the slow-cook kind.I thought "Hmm, maybe I could make enough for the whole week's breakfast".You all know I’m a big believer in food prep (where you spend some time on the weekends to prep healthy foods to eat on all week long). One of the biggest complaints I hear about food prep is that it takes up just too darn much of your precious weekend time. Your time with your family is sacred, and you don’t want to spend four hours of it locked in your kitchen. Sure, there are folks on Instagram posting pictures of their perfectly arranged meals and snacks that probably took them all Sunday to do—but that doesn’t have to be what food prep means for you.When it comes to healthy eating (and let’s be honest, life in general), the best philosophy is doing what you can with what you have when you have it.

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