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Oracle Big Data SQL provides the ability to query all data – in Hadoop, No SQL data stores, or Oracle Database – in a single statement.

Oracle Big Data SQL presents Hadoop and other sources as enhanced external tables.

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Big Data SQL is Oracle’s breakthrough approach to simplifying access to big data sources.

How can we reveal the conversations inside the huge amounts of data we generate everyday?

Axel: Maybe you're an activist who wants to know who's saying what about climate change, or you want to know what people really think about your product or service.

Hit those targets, who cares if it's hurting customers." A financial services manager who left BMO in Calgary two months ago said he quit after having a full-blown panic attack in his branch manager's office as she threatened to stifle his banking career because he hadn't met sales targets.

No matter the reason a customer calls a bank's hotline — online banking trouble, stolen credit card, bill discrepancy — call centre employees say their job could be on the line if they can't sell the caller a new product or service.

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